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Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming Service in Palo Alto, CA

Joe and the Lock is one of the leading auto, home and business locksmith companies serving Palo Alto, CA and surrounding areas. We’ve built our business around the cornerstones of providing excellent quality products with service you can’t get anywhere else – and we happen to offer a 24-hour lockout service for your car when you need help most.

We’re one of the only locksmith companies that stock such a wide range of different products for increasing the safety and security of whatever needs protecting.

Here’s more information about our car key programming service. If you’re looking for any of our other services, just browse through the pages available on our website to find what you’re looking for.

Auto Locksmith Near Me |Car Key Programming - Joe And The Lock

Why You Need Remote Programming

Remote programming is an essential service for newer cars that work with electronic car keys. Sometimes these remotes will malfunction or stop working entirely and need to be replaced, other times you might just want to keep around a spare and need a duplicate made. Think of electronic car key and remote programming as having copies made of a regular old key, but instead electronically.

Our Car Key Programming Service

We offer programming and installation of…

  • Electronic car keys
  • Transponder car keys
  • Remotes

That’s not all we do! We can also assist with any of your other auto locksmith needs, whether you’re looking for an ignition replacement specialist or want to set up a camera in your car.

We’ll Do it Right, Guaranteed

We’re one of the only locksmith companies guaranteed to do it right the first time: A lot of other locksmith companies won’t do the remote or electronic car key programming right the first time around, and this means that it’s often a lot of back-and-forth between the customer and the company – but not when you hire Joe and the Lock.

Our high-quality and excellent service guarantee has helped us to be one of the best.

All Types of Auto Locks

As part of what we do, our technicians and locksmiths have the necessary experience to install and repair the majority of different vehicle car key remotes and transponders on the market – and if we can’t, we’ll do the research and get back to you. If you have an older car or vintage model instead of a newer car that works with a remote system, we can help you with lock installations and our key duplication or re-key service, too. Just get in touch with the team.

24-Hour Service

Joe and the Lock is one of the only locksmith companies that offer 24-hour service no matter what you need. We know how alone one can feel in the event of an emergency – and we know that when emergencies happen, it’s too common that you can’t find anyone to help. If an emergency like this happens to you, just get in touch with Joe and the Lock and we’ll jump right in to help.

Our Other Auto Locksmith Services

Need a service you didn’t see here? Get in touch and ask about some of our other auto, commercial and home locksmith services to find out more.

Including helping you get into your safe when you lose the key or cannot remember the combination, helping make new keys for desks, filing cabinets, expensive padlocks and more. Whatever type of home you have or whatever type of service you need for residential locksmithing, we’re the number one choice in Houston.

The bottom line is that there are lots of places you can go to get new keys made, but there is only one professional locksmith service that will treat you like family. At Joe And The Lock, every customer that brings us their business will get our very best. We will walk you through every step without any high-pressure sales or attempt to sell you something that you do not need. We will inform you of your options and allow you to make the best decision for your residential locks.

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