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I’m Locked Out of My House – Now What!

Getting locked out of your house is one of the most common emergencies which can affect you that you’re going to require the services o a locksmith for. It can leave you feeling pretty hopeless, especially if you’ve lost the only set of keys to your house or apartment or if you’ve locked the keys inside.

It might be tempting to smash a window, but there are several things you can do before you resort to the most drastic option – and you might want to call a locksmith if you can’t get back in yourself.

Here are a few suggestions for what you can do if you’ve been locked out of your house or apartment.

Do You Have a Spare Key?

If you have a spare key to your house or apartment, it should help – unless the key broke off in the lock. Remember that you should never keep spare keys on the same bunch as your primary set, and you should never “stash” spare keys in obvious places where anyone could find them. Rather save a set of spare keys with a trusted family member for these occasions – and you can call a locksmith to help you produce a set.

Can You Access the Key?

Sometimes people lock themselves out and still leave a window open through which they’re able to reach their key. Use a broomstick or branch to add reach. If you can’t do this (or didn’t leave an open window) just call a locksmith.

Can You Open the Lock?

Many times certain older locks have a “trick” that can allow you to get the lock open – although if you manage to get your own lock open this easily, then you might have to think about calling a locksmith anyway to install a high-security system. Don’t go for “lockpicking tricks” that you read about on the internet here – they likely won’t work, and it’s safer just to call a locksmith.

Don’t Force Your Way In

If you’ve been locked out for a while and you’re already getting frustrated, it might be tempted to just force your way in. Kick the lock, like you’ve seen in the movies. For the love of your own health, don’t. You could do a lot more damage to the door, the lock or your body in the process.

Don’t Break a Window!

Just like forcing your way in, it could be tempting to smash a window. There are several reasons why it could be a bad idea. You could get glass on the carpet, you’re almost certainly going to bleed by the end of it, you will need to replace the window – and who wants to crawl through one? Just call a 24-hour locksmith service. It’s a lot cheaper.

Call an Accredited Locksmith

The first step if you’ve been locked out of your house or apartment should be to call a professional and accredited locksmith to help you get back in. It’s safer, cheaper and easier than trying to gain access yourself.

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