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John Bishop founded our company in 1992. When he realized that he had a knack for locks and a desire to help people. He soon began to build a relationship with the people of Houston and it wasn’t very long until our customers begin to tell us about the problems that they had with Palo Alto Locksmith in the area.

We decided to make customer service and customer happiness our number one priority and worry about making money second. This philosophy was extremely effective at growing our business in Palo Alto, and soon we were serving quite a bit larger section of Houston and the suburbs and had to expand our team. We expanded several more times to become the highly-skilled, crack team of today.

We believe in a professional approach to locksmithing, which is an ancient occupation that has been around for hundreds of years. We believe in locksmithing as a trade and as an art form. We train every year to keep up with the latest in lock technology, security systems, and various other related areas. We subscribe to trade magazines, attend conferences and immerse ourselves in locksmithing because Local Locksmith Alto Palo is passionate about it. We were born to do this work, and that means that you are getting the best locksmiths in the city.

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